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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Egalitarian Organizations

First off, why would anyone join a Star Citizen organization that isn't egalitarian?

A non-egalitarian organization will tithe (tax) you. The leader will essentially own all the assets; not you. The leadership can kick you and certainly won't refund your investment in them. They order you around and have expectations of you.

On the flip side, everybody is equal in an egalitarian organization.

-- Want the money? Take it. There probably won't be much. Purchases can be made spontaneously.
The last organization I was in couldn't even give members credits. Not because people didn't need it but because everyone was set on earning for themselves -- that's the game.

-- Want an organization ship? Take it out or take it for a spin. The members decided it was needed.
If members decide to invest in an asset it stays available for everyone. Not much need for common assets though, as members simply help other members to secure their personal income streams.

-- Leadership. Well, egalitarians can have respected leaders, too. No need to cast it in stone.
No need to define leadership. Some people just become more respected or more knowledgeable than others. Everybody decides for themselves who to respect.

-- Communication. Organizations have their own forums and comm channels. No prob.
It's a social construct. Communications can be set up any way members want ... and it often changes depending on activity.

-- Growth. Hey, that's what Contact Lists are for. Make friends. Vet the ass-hats there.
Vetting new members is a joke. No assets, remember? You meet a good egg then simply bring the egg into the group. When you play with people of lesser couth (ie uncouth) it shows pretty quickly.

-- Ships. Well, everybody has a ship or two (or more). There's a fleet!
Everybody has ships. No need to bestow ships upon the undeserving leader.

-- What to do? Hang out, man! Scheme. Explore. Use yer forum and chat.
Most members are busy doing their own thing. Why make people obligate to do something? Want group play then simply organize it and those wanting to participate, do.

-- Training. Training is play. Play is training. Ohmm.
Nuff said.

Organization structures are so archaic. Passé. Contact List groupings should be the new thing. No need of those authoritative organizations. Play with your peers.

No one is chattel, cannon fodder, grunt, worker, or drone. This is the future. YOU rule! Assert your rights. Unionize!! OK, maybe just the Contact List. YOU control that.

If you insist on surrendering your hide then join an NPC organization! There isn't an undeserving, self-annointed megalomaniac leading it.


Monday, April 24, 2017

Risk vs Reward

OK, I have an Eve background. So naturally I've heard Risk vs Reward a lot! It is the basis of Eve ... to lure people into danger zones so others more knowledgeable and skilled can kill you with impunity and laugh about it.

So when I see the phrase used in Star Citizen the hair automatically stands up on the back of my neck. As far as I know, Risk vs Reward is not an inherent part of Star Citizen. And I'm sure glad for that!
"If you don't enjoy PvP aspect of games, there will be a place for you. Stay in UEE space and it will be rare for someone to attack you. Leave UEE space and you leave behind the protection that it brings you. Risk vs reward." says Solomors@Solomors 
Solomors most likely is (or was) an Eve player. Yes, there is safer space. Yes, there is more dangerous space. But so far as I know, rewards are logically and rationally spaced throughout the Verse. There is no zone where known riches are dangled to entice noobs to the slaughter. In fact, pirates in Star Citizen are going to have a very hard time making a go of it.

United Empire of Earth

It can't even be said that UEE space IS safer. Some areas will be safer than others, yes. It all depends on your reputation and your behavior. Safe space could change for you in an instant. And, possibly, visa versa.

In Star Citizen, you have to make enemies. If you haven't made any enemies then you are sorta safe. There is nothing stopping someone from deciding, suddenly, to not be neutral toward you. So, long story short, players who piss everybody off will not have very much safe refuge, or even if they have any safe refuge at all.

If you are in a big organization and its members piss people off then that is likely to blow back on you in a negative manner. So watch out who you choose to hang out with.

But, again, the risks you incur through your behavior or that of your associates has little or nothing to do reward. This is not to be confused with accepting harder missions. Of course harder, more involved missions will carry more reward.

Star Citizen is not Risk vs Reward. Maybe we could say, Harder vs Reward.

Friday, April 21, 2017

Nice Shirt!

OK, where can I get this Star Citizen shirt? How can I get this shirt?

Star Citizen shirt

I grabbed this snapshot from the last Citizens of the Stars, April 17, 2017. My first thought was, "I want that shirt!" My second thought was, "Maybe not in that size."

So I looked in the merchandise store. Poster set, hoodie, playing cards ... nope. Not there. Then I Googled merchandise. No help. But it did help me to figure out what to call this kind of shirt: military style or cotton, cargo military style.

Now that I have a description what do I do with it? PM Disco Lando? or tweet Sandi?


Tweet'd Sandi. No reply. I'm starting to feel like a stalker.


Thursday, April 20, 2017

Economics - Elasticity

I've read every posting in Star Citizen's forum Economy and Economics thread. Yes, both the old forum and the new Spectrum. It is one of the better threads. Better because it is watched over and supported by some knowledgeable and wise backers. And I've followed CIG communications closely. But I haven't seen anything on economic elasticity.

Sounds kinda deep and complicated, doesn't it? Well, it's really simple. It's just about the answer to a few obvious kinda questions about how trade centers work.

Will there be elasticity of supply in SC? I know that shops will have inventory control but will there be mechanisms to clear inventory in favor of items in greater demand? Sales to promote business? Advertising that is pertinent to the economy and isn’t fake?

Not that most people care but it would be nice to see the economic model’s construct. Or, perhaps, to ask for answers to a few simple questions:
When demand increases, how much will price go up?
How do you know when demand has increased?

The questions are super simple, yes? So I'm kinda curious about what the programmatic algorithms would be.

I think Tony Zurovic has said that when demand goes up then price will go up. Simple stuff, this economics. Inventories work on a min quantity, max quantity, and a reorder point. But if demand is not quantified then is a simple inventory reorder proof of increased demand?

Since the economy is largely driven by NPCs and other assumed populations, then how are supply runs rigged to satisfy demand?

Somebody is programming this. It would be nice to hear the economic model described in a bit of detail. Maybe in an ATV? Don't you think?

I know ... no.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Where are the Ladies and Gentlemen of Yore?

I've been following Star Citizen related media lately. Some Streamers are quick to post and are excellent. Many are very good, behavior wise, if not all that entertaining. I've mentioned Whispers Thru the Jump Point as a fine example of a gentlemanly, generalized YouTube'r. Of course there are lots that aren't. Fortunately I can choose not to watch them.

I Want It Now!

The Star Citizen Spectrum Forum also has mixed breeds of posters. Lately, however many low-brow types have raised their heads a little higher. A quote from the forums:
"The quantity of the despicable, degrading, low, base, contemptible, shameful, sordid and frankly detestible posts that are currently being made in this forum are frankly unacceptable!"
Yes, it's hard to read them. The openess of CIG's communication with backers is unparalleled and with that is an implied open invitation for people to be communicative in return. Unfortunately, many parents have not raised their internet-dwelling children to be well mannered.

The release of the SC a3.0+ Production Schedule was a very happy moment for most of us, I would think. Yet there remained people not content with this large information dump and valuable reality check. Acting out, is all I can call it.

Maybe we could have, instead of a PvP slider, a jerk slider instead. Well, we know that can't happen. But we could have an anti-Contact List instead.

An Anti-Contact List would downgrade a players reputation relative to your own. In that way you'll have the choice not to deal with them in game! And we should be able to start building that Anti-Contact List right now in Spectrum.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Vociferous Crowdfunders

Well, it seems that the knee-jerk complainers have been quieted by many of their social peers approving of a grand information dump -- the Production Schedule. I'm a little surprised but this Star Citizen strategy seems to be working.

My worry is that, like porn, ever increasing content will be demanded. From the Spectrum Forum:
"A SQ42 status schedule would not be too far fetched to demand."
"Dear CIG, request/demand information on Retaliator update plans or community asked for reply!!!"

Demand? Demand? You mean demand like a kid screaming in the Walmart toy isle?

We've paid our pre-order money. Now sit and wait quietly if you can't be helpful testing modules. And I say pre-order money because, unlike most crowd-funded projects, this project is well on its way to successful completion. Very, very few would dispute that now. Next year. The year after. Essentially done. Pre-order people should be very, very happy. Gambled, and won.

Tolerating screaming Walmart children. Is this the price of having the most successful crowd-funded, backer-funded project of all time ($146 million so far)?

Probably feels good to be Chris Roberts, right about now. Success. Fame. Fortune. All virtually guaranteed. Fame, especially. A nice little bonus among several generations of gamers.

Chris Roberts 2012

I'm thinking that Chris Roberts' next project, in order to beat this one, will have to offer equity to funders. That will set the demanders to goin'! Let's hope it is a full World War II Grand Strategy game which runs the gamut from grand strategy down through to almost tactical. hint hint


Monday, April 17, 2017

Star Citizen Production Schedule

The long awaited Star Citizen Production Schedule has come out. Everybody who has seen it has an opinion of one sort or another, it seems. I'm no exception. I'm happy for it.

End of Year Persistent Universe Timeline
It's a BIG picture!

I'm happy for Chris Roberts. I'm happy for CIG. I'm especially happy for all the people working on getting this game out to the backers. I'm happy for a great number of supporters and subscribers. But I must say that I'm not happy for the quick complainers. This is the internet and, sadly, they are ever present. So many people so quick to rationalize their hate.

I'm not a person who enjoys having his life force drained by the effort needed to tolerate our modern society's rejects. I'll be playing Star Citizen solo for the most part and, you know what, I think most backers will gravitate toward solo play. Why? Because the game allows us to exercise our preference. Hence the surprising preponderance of non-combat over combat poll results.

I'm gladdened by the Production Schedule. It shows that real progress is being made on a game of absolutely stunning technical difficulty, breadth and depth. I'm sure everyone wishes we could simply snap our fingers and have the game tomorrow. But for me, given a choice, a great game is better than a typical game.

It must be that the forum trolls are all paid agitators sent by a consortium of major gaming companies in an effort to derail the visionary project of Chris Roberts. Wouldn't that be nice to believe, instead?