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Sunday, March 26, 2017

Data Analysis

It's a love / hate relationship. In the good'ol days I was pretty good at computer stuff. This recent plotting of nodes (see last post) has triggered a bit of a resurgence of interest.

My first thought was to download Java and LibreOffice. Took FOREVER to get the SQL working. Pissed me off no end so I uninstalled it. The I installed Python. More trouble. Finicky. So I uninstalled it. Then I downloaded Java again. Will I never learn? Uninstalled it. Downloaded LibreOffice. Then Java. Just couldn't get it doing what I wanted.

Back to Python. This time I downloaded a simple IDE to go with it. Finally started making some progress.

All this fussing around. Good thing Star Citizen's communications this week are a tad weak. Not that interesting compared to the blockbuster of the previous week. So I have plenty of time to continue working on this node thing.

It kinda pisses me off that distances can't be easily visualized on any off the Star Citizen star maps. I wonder if I'm the only one bothered? I haven't noticed anyone complaining about it. Perhaps it is because the maps imply a distance, false though it is.

Planets and moons and stuff will eventually be orbiting a sun (or suns). This makes distance calculation a tad more difficult. An API is needed but I don't know if one exists that I can access. So I have to approximate distance ... or type in a zillion constants that will just end up being obsolete when orbiting is implemented. Yup, approximation sounds good.

Anyway, still working on it.

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