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Monday, March 27, 2017


OK. I'm done. Working on distances is getting tired. This is about the best I can do without rolling up my sleeves.

Ya, right, click to enlarge, eh.

I admit it was kinda fun doing these distances. Please note that they are not exact numbers. And the lines! Don't use length of line as distance ... use thickness of line as an indicator. Length of line is difficult. No map that I know of has accurate distance by line length.

Distance is kinda a relative thing. Star Citizen systems my be billions of light years apart. It is the distance to and from the jump points that is more accurately indicative. So your destination might be 50au to a jump point and only 2au from the arriving jump point. And then, if its a planet you are going to, where is it in its orbit (assuming orbiting comes online)? So I've averaged out a few things. Take the numbers for what they are worth.

I thought an example or two would be nice. Get your favorite tube map. Now figure out how you would go from Pyro to Hadrian in your Freelancer Misc.
Via tube map or Transit Network map: 77au
Via distance map: 45.4au or 43.19au or even 47.3au.

And, there are only two ways into Sol: through Davien or Croshaw. Which would you pick?

So, ya, knowing distances may be helpful.

Edit: Terra - Magnus is 5.41au.

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