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Friday, March 31, 2017

Lonely Soul

Aren't too many Star Citizen bloggers out there. You can tell from my blog list that I haven't been able to find many. Anybody out there know of any?

More streamers than I can shake a stick at, though. For any of you just watching Star Citizen from the sidelines waiting for it to be released (aka SC 4.0) in a couple of years, I recommend Whispers Thru The Universe as a streamer to follow. He gives weekly generalized updates which point to more detailed info if something tickles your fancy.

There are streamers who report on every little nuance, represent large groups, and / or have giveaways. Hardcore stuff, that. There are streamers who mostly just play and gab adolescent nonsense. They're having fun. That's a good sign ... and it's still alpha.

I don't really watch people play Star Citizen all that much. Who would want to watch me play? I wouldn't inflict that on anyone. Just get out and go play yourself. It helps things along when more people are in the environments.

On another note, I might start looking at organizations. Hmm, what would I look for?

The NOs:

1 - no military structures ... I march to my own drummer, thank you
2 - no x-military wanting to be military (they have a disciple thing)
3 - no foul-mouthed idiots (I'd say mature but that doesn't seem to make a difference)
4 - no griefers or exploiters AT ALL ... I'm here to play the game; leave your EVE at the door

The YES's:

1 - egalitarian group
2 - quiet and unassuming
3 - altruistic in nature ... good people make good gamers and a good Verse
4 - moral (no vacon for breakfast) ... role players who aspire to be more are preferred

I like to think I'm a majority kind of player. Quiet and out of the limelight. So, HEY, if you're of a similar mind then let me know and we can put each other on our Contact List so we can meet in game. There should be a better way that ordinary people can be heard.

Maybe working off of a Contact List is better. Just hanging out with cool people I meet in the Verse. I actually have a list (on paper) that I've made of dedicated, good people on the forums. I made a naughty list, too, of a bad, overly pretentious lot but that isn't helpful as a game mechanic -- it should be useful, somehow, shouldn't it? Maybe as an in-game reputation decreaser? That sounds good.

Contact List  59:33

I have a BIG ship. Takes a fair sized crew. But I expect everybody else will have ships of their own. So I hope we can crew up with NPCs. I'm sure it will be a ball finding and training NPCs. I'm a good guy so they'll want to remain as loyal crew. Right? Can NPCs be on a Contact List?

Star Citizen. Really looking forward to it.

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