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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Mass Effect: Andromeda Rushed?

OK, I don't have the game, Mass Effect Andromeda. But reading all the animation hoopla about it gives me an appreciation of why Squadron 42 has been delayed and an idea as to why ME: Andromeda was released.

Mass Effect took two steps back, it seems, in animation. Yes, the cut-scenes seem fine but cut-scenes do not a game make. They cheaped out. I figure ME was rushed releasing so as to beat SQ42 out the door. Fewer would buy ME once SQ42 comes out as SQ42 really will be a next generation game.

 Designer talking motion capture.
Mass Effect: Andromeda vs Mass Effect One

Squadron 42 will be much better, says I with near 99% confidence. And why do I think this? Because Squadron 42 will have a great majority of its animation based upon motion capture. Motion capture can produce a more precise and realistic portrayal of action.

Jillian Anderson suited up for motion capture.
Go ahead, click on picture, I dare you.

So I suspect that Squadron 42 was originally like Mass Effect: Andromeda. But somewhere along the way, probably because of highly successful crowd funding ($145 million), the decision was made to upscale the project. Money talks. This helps to explain the many production delays. That's my thinking.

Squadron 42 comes out this year! as opposed to Soon™.

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