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Thursday, March 30, 2017

Nice Map

I was sent this nice map. It is composed of the ever popular tube map by Zhaff with my distance numbers added. Just so you know, I added a couple of numbers around the Baker system and corrected a couple of misses which were pointed out to me.

click to enlarge

The distance numbers really bring a map to life!

I've been playing with some trip distances. Large ships will have quite a go moving from sectors North-East, from South-West, or from East. Two bottlenecks trap the large ships in terms of long distances. I'm assuming fuel costs will be an impediment to travel.

Also, my numbers greatly overstate the distance from Earth to Terra, by about forty au. My numbers add up to about 118au. They don't adjust for the fact that fliers are probably straight-line traveling between the two most popular points. The numbers assume some dalliances along the way.

So, technically, each two-node trip gets a number. This number is essentially a best-guess number which quantifies the distance of where a flier could have come from to where a flier could be going to. This is to reflect the fact that planets will be orbiting the sun. Sometimes far from the jump point, sometimes near.

If you left from a non-specific area in a system to arrive at a non-specific area in a neighboring system then the distance would likely be close to the number shown on the map ... in Au. More specifically, in every case the numbers are the sum of the two distances of each relevant jump point to its Sun.

Hope it proves to be helpful.

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