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Thursday, March 16, 2017

Star Citizen 2.6.2

Well, Star Citizen alpha 2.6.2 is coming up. I suppose I'll have to download it or else I won't be able to test play any of the modules. It is mostly bug fixes and network stuff. That's good, I guess.

You can tell my enthusiasm is underwhelming. It takes me a solid three evenings of download to fully load it. I live in a remote area.

alpha 2.6.2
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I hope they get the "smaller download" patcher code finished soon. The code base for Star Citizen is growing by leads and bounds. Just downloading what is required instead of the whole thing will be great!
“Work has started on a patching system that will only download exactly the files you need,” Roberts said.
The really BIG download will be 3.0 coming in three months'ish.


  1. Literally cannot wait for 3.0! It feels like that'll be the time that the company really start focusing on the persistent universe. Great Blog by the way...

  2. Hey, thanks!

    I do this to help dissipate the angst at having to wait patiently for this great game.