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Sunday, March 19, 2017

Star Citizen Good; EVE bad

EVE certainly was built by griefers for griefers. This said by Cigg@cigg in the Star Citizen Spectrum forum,

Everything about EVE was designed so that older players could eat newer players for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Ridiculously skewed risk and reward, content, monetary mechanics, and end-game, all for the established vetset. Their biggest complaint was a lack of new fodder. Their biggest want was greater access to the free meals of the safe space ghetto.

Star Citizen, bless its heart, is set up in a logically ordered, lore-based Universe. Its population set cannot be controlled by older elements. Resources are logically and realistically placed instead of as lure and bait. Content is not org biased or determined by vets.

The flavour of SC will be an immersive PvA as opposed to a meaningless dry PvP. In-character roleplay will affect everyone. Even criminals, especially criminals, will have to roleplay with some of the twenty million NPC characters to succeed in the necessary making of NPC friends.

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April 2015, 3620 votes

For the dry PvP'rs not happy with a mere 10% of the well-designed Star Citizen Universe's functionality, I bid you adieu. Don't let the door hit you on the way out.

Star Citizen will be the Best Damn Space Sim Ever! (BDSSE)

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