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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Still Waiting for Star Citizen 2.6.2

Yup, still waiting. I haven't been playing any Star Citizen per se while I wait for the alpha patch to be released to the live Player Universe. I don't want to get too attached to game mechanics when they are all probably going to change a bit.

I could download the Persistent Test Universe (PTU) being as I'm a special person'all. But it takes at least three solid evenings for the download, for me at least. It's 30 gigabytes, and growing. So I'll just wait.

Any day now.

My mapping project is all done (previous post). I've been mulling over how to improve upon it.

Some suggestions for the Star Map. Maybe one of those travel-distance things at the bottom-right of every fanfold travel map. Cities labeling the horizontal and vertical axis, and then distance as a cross-reference.

Or something to indicate map scale. Again, distances are so hard to judge. Even when looking at a single system map there is no indication of distance. A visual scale-bar would be helpful. Maybe something in Au and Km*100?

Possibly also a drop line -- Point A to Point B and it tells you what percentage of your fuel would be consumed to make the trip. Similar to what they have in the Persistent Universe (PU).

Edit: Added Star Map link.

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