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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Trade Route Planning

Planning trade routes is always a difficult task. And in Star Citizen it currently has an extra layer of difficulty. It's in ALPHA, stupid. Nobody knows anything. But, the player community seems to be able to work around any problem.

A while back I found this map of logical trade flows. Really, really sorry as I have forgotten who made it. Must have been a great deal of work putting it together. At first I thought someone was just imagining the trade possibilities but after a while the methodology behind it started to dawn on me.

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Sol - Terra Trade Route

It is expected that the Sol - Terra trade route will be the busiest route in the known Universe. Sol, being Earth, and Terra, being a newer and better Earth. Does this remind you of The Expanse?

I was so impressed I started building my own map for my 'hanging out' area of the Universe. That's how I know it takes a bit of work.

Trading is not going to be my profession. I have no trading vessels and don't plan on getting any. I expect I'll be concentrating on exploring, instead.Well, you never know.

So I've done a three system chart so far. On the outskirts of the Universe. It isn't looking that helpful, tradewise. Maybe my trading instincts just aren't there. If I were a true trader perhaps the data would be more forthcoming. Maybe I need to add a couple more systems.

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