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Thursday, April 20, 2017

Economics - Elasticity

I've read every posting in Star Citizen's forum Economy and Economics thread. Yes, both the old forum and the new Spectrum. It is one of the better threads. Better because it is watched over and supported by some knowledgeable and wise backers. And I've followed CIG communications closely. But I haven't seen anything on economic elasticity.

Sounds kinda deep and complicated, doesn't it? Well, it's really simple. It's just about the answer to a few obvious kinda questions about how trade centers work.

Will there be elasticity of supply in SC? I know that shops will have inventory control but will there be mechanisms to clear inventory in favor of items in greater demand? Sales to promote business? Advertising that is pertinent to the economy and isn’t fake?

Not that most people care but it would be nice to see the economic model’s construct. Or, perhaps, to ask for answers to a few simple questions:
When demand increases, how much will price go up?
How do you know when demand has increased?

The questions are super simple, yes? So I'm kinda curious about what the programmatic algorithms would be.

I think Tony Zurovic has said that when demand goes up then price will go up. Simple stuff, this economics. Inventories work on a min quantity, max quantity, and a reorder point. But if demand is not quantified then is a simple inventory reorder proof of increased demand?

Since the economy is largely driven by NPCs and other assumed populations, then how are supply runs rigged to satisfy demand?

Somebody is programming this. It would be nice to hear the economic model described in a bit of detail. Maybe in an ATV? Don't you think?

I know ... no.

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