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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Egalitarian Organizations

First off, why would anyone join a Star Citizen organization that isn't egalitarian?

A non-egalitarian organization will tithe (tax) you. The leader will essentially own all the assets; not you. The leadership can kick you and certainly won't refund your investment in them. They order you around and have expectations of you.

On the flip side, everybody is equal in an egalitarian organization.

-- Want the money? Take it. There probably won't be much. Purchases can be made spontaneously.
The last organization I was in couldn't even give members credits. Not because people didn't need it but because everyone was set on earning for themselves -- that's the game.

-- Want an organization ship? Take it out or take it for a spin. The members decided it was needed.
If members decide to invest in an asset it stays available for everyone. Not much need for common assets though, as members simply help other members to secure their personal income streams.

-- Leadership. Well, egalitarians can have respected leaders, too. No need to cast it in stone.
No need to define leadership. Some people just become more respected or more knowledgeable than others. Everybody decides for themselves who to respect.

-- Communication. Organizations have their own forums and comm channels. No prob.
It's a social construct. Communications can be set up any way members want ... and it often changes depending on activity.

-- Growth. Hey, that's what Contact Lists are for. Make friends. Vet the ass-hats there.
Vetting new members is a joke. No assets, remember? You meet a good egg then simply bring the egg into the group. When you play with people of lesser couth (ie uncouth) it shows pretty quickly.

-- Ships. Well, everybody has a ship or two (or more). There's a fleet!
Everybody has ships. No need to bestow ships upon the undeserving leader.

-- What to do? Hang out, man! Scheme. Explore. Use yer forum and chat.
Most members are busy doing their own thing. Why make people obligate to do something? Want group play then simply organize it and those wanting to participate, do.

-- Training. Training is play. Play is training. Ohmm.
Nuff said.

Organization structures are so archaic. Passé. Contact List groupings should be the new thing. No need of those authoritative organizations. Play with your peers.

No one is chattel, cannon fodder, grunt, worker, or drone. This is the future. YOU rule! Assert your rights. Unionize!! OK, maybe just the Contact List. YOU control that.

If you insist on surrendering your hide then join an NPC organization! There isn't an undeserving, self-annointed megalomaniac leading it.


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