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Monday, April 10, 2017

Fuel Usage

I was wondering just how far my Star Citizen ship could fly on a tank of fuel. So I got out my pen and paper, a calculator, and prepared my mind for some good old fashioned grade-school math.

I signed into the Persistent Universe, jumped in my ship, and undocked. Then I looked around for a point far away that I could jump to, or, since we're in grade school now, to which I could jump. My ship starts with 10,000,000 units of fuel.

Thought I would go visit Tessa Banister. Jump computer said she was 471208 km and 5% of my fuel away. So away I went. On arrival my fuel gauge read 9528798 units.

Tessa  gave me a mission. It was 760332 km away and promised to use 8% of my fuel. So's aways I go's. On arrival my fuel gauge shows 8768496 units.

Everybody with me so far. Not intimidated by the math problem, yet?


Trip to Tessa's --- 471208 km used 471202 units of fuel.
Trip to mission --- 760332 km used (9528798 - 8768496 =) 760302 units of fuel.

Ergo, except for a few kms buzzing about one may conclude that:
ONE km uses ONE unit of fuel.
Jump computer rounds UP in telling percentage of fuel usage.

Math is so tough.

What does that mean?

Well, 1 Au = approx 150,000,000 km*. My ship starts with 10,000,000 units of fuel. That means --
I can travel a maximum distance of 0.07 Au.

Most distances in the Stanton System are about 3 Au. So I guess we can buzz about within Stanton pretty much only locally. That means right now only about Planet Crusader and locale.

* 1 Au = 149,597,871 kilometers.

EDIT: the math was too tough for me. Had to edit numbers.

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