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Monday, April 3, 2017

I'm an Explorer

First and foremost I'm an explorer. And, like many others, I have an Anvil Carrack. The Carrack is slated for release in the SC a3.3 update. That means not very likely this year. Next year, most likely.

My ambition is to rediscover Oretani. The single wormhole connecting Oretani to Sol collapsed, isolating the colonists. I've examined all the star maps and studied the lore. I have a hunch as to where my searching will begin. And even if I'm wrong, ya gotta explore someplace, right?

Oretani is 10au wide and has six planets.
Perhaps even a surviving population of colonists.

SC a3.3 will be the last big release before the game goes live with 4.0. The intervening beta releases should give me time to learn how to operate the ship and use its many supportive modules.

Currently, the Carrack is listed as coming complete with a land Rover and a scout ship. A Pisces-class scout ship! And that doesn't mean much because I don't think anyone outside of CIG knows what that looks like or what it will be designed to do. But the Rover, vroom, vroom!

The Carrack has a maximum crew of five. Hopefully I'll be able to earn enough from incidental exploration to keep my NPC crew well paid. I expect that I'll sell any discovered small wormhole information to some deserving small organization. More monumental information I'll probably sell to the appropriate UEE authority for the good of all.

Jadrien Cousens' Carrack

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