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Friday, April 28, 2017

Joining an NPC Organization

Maybe we could start as crew instead of pilot. Gasp!

Bantam Cumberly (@twentysquares), posted in Spectrum the idea of simply being an egalitarian crew member in Star Citizen. Well, of course that appealed to me, being an egalitarian supporter'n all. But now that Star Citizen has expanded from its humble space ship-based concept to a super huge Verse with planets and everything else, another option could be considered. It occurred to me that the Star Citizen buy-in could be different.

One could have the option of starting on a UEE capital ship, or on a planet-side base. Starting as a crew member on a large ship would train us in the basics: repair, scanning, EVA, gunnery, cargo inspection, etc.. Or maybe we could start as a mercenary based planet-side as most people are used to land-based gaming or, better yet, as a Rover driver / explorer. Jumping right in with a complete ship might be a bit much to start off with.


In the normal course of events I'm pretty sure we can get in good (or bad), relationship wise, with an NPC organization. I started to wonder if it would be possible to join one. Then it occurred to me that people would simply concentrate on destroying its reputation. Or maybe improving it relative to another org. That's a problem, I guess, but maybe not so much with a new player.

Alternatively, it could have the effect of having the NPC organizations drift apart, relationship wise. That's a good thing, maybe. And it's an opportunity to make life-long NPC friends ... or enemies.

I have imagined having the option of joining an existing, active UEE ship or a marine group probably displacing an NPC on sign-in. That could be cool for fun play. On a big ship doing a Vanduul space incursion, or being a marine and taking out a land-based terrorist node.

Oh, well. Maybe later. .

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