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Saturday, April 1, 2017

My Kingdom for a Ship

One moment I'm just sitting in my comfy swivel chair contemplating the Star Citizen Verse when suddenly it hits me ... I have no ship!

I'm thinking how nice it will be when the SC a3.0 upgrade comes out. We'll finally be able to do stuff. We'll be able to test a few new and interesting mechanics, and contribute feedback as to how well they play. Then it hits me, my ships don't exist in the Verse, yet. They are all pledge ships for the future. Not one is built for in-game use. Am I going to be stuck with flying a Sabre or a Hornet indefinitely?

Do you suppose the mining ship, the Prospector, will be a free-to-fly thing? Or will there be a ready Freelance DUR for exploration? one System exploration but exploration nevertheless. Perhaps I can play merchant with a loaner Vanguard and its wee-tiny cargo space.

Must ... resist ... temptation ... to buy a Prospector.


OMG, and what happens? A big Drake Interplanetary 10-day sale! Oo, the Buccaneer.

Drake ships

I'm resisting, so far. Looks like I'll be flying about in a loaner Freelancer, learning the new cargo mechanics, just waiting for others to play pirate on me. Not looking forward to that.


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