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Friday, April 7, 2017

Orbital Dynamics Confirmed

Well, orbital dynamics have been confirmed for Star Citizen. That means planets will rotate about their axis and rotate about their Sun. Also, ships can orbit a planet. Space stations, too. Things won't be standing still anymore.

This also means that maps will become ever more complex and difficult to create. I'm glad I don't have that job. Not only is everything dynamic but we'll need bookmarks both static and dynamic relative to objects. We'll need information on objects, too. I'm very curious to see what ends up being created.

But initially, there probably will not be any rotation. It's alpha, after all.

Probably the Stanton System will be the first alpha system we'll get to diddle about in. And it occurs to me that I do not know too much about it other than a bit of familiarity with the names. So, to get a better appreciation of the Stanton System I laid out some maps of it.

Stanton System

It isn't too big, I guess, relative to other systems. Flitting about within Stanton seems to be about three to five Au. I don't know yet how doable that is for ships. Kilometers per unit of fuel is still unknown.

Stanton I - Hurston

Four moons around Hurston. I only know a line or two of lore about them. Practical knowledge is absent.

Stanton II - Crusader

All kinds of stuff around Crusader. Things are likely changed for SC a3.0, I assume. Less SCC CommArrays, for example. Perhaps no asteroid belt around Yela

Stanton III - Yela

We pretty much just know some of the inside of ArcCorp. The outside should prove to be interesting, and its moons.

Stanton IV - MicoTech

And Microtech. High tech here.

So I don't know how complete the SC a3.0 release will be but I'm really looking forward to it. Along with everyone else, I suspect. Maybe my Hoplite will be able to reach some of these places.

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