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Monday, April 24, 2017

Risk vs Reward

OK, I have an Eve background. So naturally I've heard Risk vs Reward a lot! It is the basis of Eve ... to lure people into danger zones so others more knowledgeable and skilled can kill you with impunity and laugh about it.

So when I see the phrase used in Star Citizen the hair automatically stands up on the back of my neck. As far as I know, Risk vs Reward is not an inherent part of Star Citizen. And I'm sure glad for that!
"If you don't enjoy PvP aspect of games, there will be a place for you. Stay in UEE space and it will be rare for someone to attack you. Leave UEE space and you leave behind the protection that it brings you. Risk vs reward." says Solomors@Solomors 
Solomors most likely is (or was) an Eve player. Yes, there is safer space. Yes, there is more dangerous space. But so far as I know, rewards are logically and rationally spaced throughout the Verse. There is no zone where known riches are dangled to entice noobs to the slaughter. In fact, pirates in Star Citizen are going to have a very hard time making a go of it.

United Empire of Earth

It can't even be said that UEE space IS safer. Some areas will be safer than others, yes. It all depends on your reputation and your behavior. Safe space could change for you in an instant. And, possibly, visa versa.

In Star Citizen, you have to make enemies. If you haven't made any enemies then you are sorta safe. There is nothing stopping someone from deciding, suddenly, to not be neutral toward you. So, long story short, players who piss everybody off will not have very much safe refuge, or even if they have any safe refuge at all.

If you are in a big organization and its members piss people off then that is likely to blow back on you in a negative manner. So watch out who you choose to hang out with.

But, again, the risks you incur through your behavior or that of your associates has little or nothing to do reward. This is not to be confused with accepting harder missions. Of course harder, more involved missions will carry more reward.

Star Citizen is not Risk vs Reward. Maybe we could say, Harder vs Reward.

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