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Saturday, April 8, 2017

SC a2.6.3

Oh no, 2.6.3! Another Star Citizen patch to download so soon. Shoot. Guess it's a network hotfix.

It takes almost three solid nights and lots of daytime hours for me to download Star Citizen's 31'ish gigabytes. Maybe I'll just skip this one and wait for the SC a3.0 patch.

Oh crap. I know I can't do that. Patch SC a3.0 will most likely come at the end of August, during GamesCom. You know, marketing.

So I'll have to bite the bullet and download it. Maybe Squadron 42 will come out. That would really pass the time! No, they'll probably hold onto that till CitizenCom (October). You know, marketing.

Squadron 42 Overview by BoredGamer
[I think this overview is already obsolete.
AI, animations, fidelity have been upgraded.]

The delta patcher can't come too soon. It transfers only items that have changed, not the whole shebang. Maybe in SC a3.0.

Then again, maybe the release of SC a3.0 and Squadron 42 will be reversed. They keep saying Squadron 42 is nearing completion. But they are so closed-lipped about revealing or demonstrating some of its contents.

Anyway, I'm pretty sure they'll want to hit those marketing opportunities with something stellar.

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