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Thursday, April 27, 2017

Solo Play

I'm of the opinion that most players in Star Citizen will play solo. Yes, I said it, solo.

True, there are ships in Star Citizen that can crew scores and scores of players. And carry many more. But, really, who wants to crew as a profession? Everyone has ships of their own. And fleeting-up, why bother? There won't be much call for fleeting. It won't make anyone credits. It will just incur costs. Fleeting probably will give organization leaders a buzz but who cares about them?

Being paid to participate in fleets is another thing entirely. That's being a mercenary. Solo play. And a job in itself. Leaders don't like to pay; they like to tithe. No need to join an organization and let them make you fleet-up for free.

Star Citizen is big and beautiful. There will be scads of space. Players will have the opportunity to spread out throughout space and not be too bothered by the ass-hats. EVE had no space. It was all choke points and camping.

Star Citizen has complex, non-repeating, procedurally generated adventures. Now this could end up being as boring as hell but I doubt it. A lot of work is going into making things interesting for planet-side play and space play. Elite Dangerous had big space. It was hollow of content and purpose.

MISC Prospector - solo mining ship

Other people are also looking forward to the solo aspects of Star Citizen play:

Basically intending to play it like a travel simulator, absolutely no interest in PvP and will avoid PvE at all costs, visit as many planets as possible, send myself digital selfie postcards, perhaps dabble with "in-game landscape photography", all from the comforts of my Retaliator RV.

PvP is just a waste of money and time. It should be avoided to enjoy all that SC has to offer.

That's why I call my Carrack the "Greymad" (retiree in a caravan)

It's my intention (when development permits) to operate as an 'alien artifacts/creatures procurer and exporter.

 looking to get a Polaris if they ever go on sale again... not scared of using NPC crew.

I've always been a solo player with the rare occasion to team up with a buddy who happens to be as into PC gaming/MMOs/etc as I am - Star Citizen was that interesting game the seemed to hit home on the right points that gaming community had been asking/looking for

Though I am lead for a gaming group/org, I am primarily a solo player as well. Like you, age it taking its toll on my effectiveness in hostile game environments. I find myself embracing my exploration tendencies more and more.

Or you could do what a select few of us are considering. Don't have a ship at all. Just run around planet side exploring. Heck they say it will take real life weeks to walk around a moon. Now imagine that on a large planet or several planets.

The Cutlass Red will be a great ship for S&R. This ship can be operated solo or bring along a friend and or NPC to help out.

I've been toying with the idea of being a space hobo for a bit, if I get the itch to do solo stuff.
Try and get around the verse on the goodwill of others. Or maybe in a cargo hold, if that's feasible.

I'm planning on being a solo Explorer, and my Ship of choice is the Freelancer DUR

I am not interested in combat gameplay and, I am also more interested in solo playing

Lots and lots of people seek good solo play. Myself included. As for friends in the Verse'n stuff, well, that's what the Contact List is for. I've posted about that before.


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