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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Star Citizen Improvement Suggestions

I've been rambling along for a few weeks now and I've noticed some game suggestions have popped out in my posts. I thought put them in one place just in case some person of influence should happen by.

Manually Influence Reputation

We don't know how reputation in Star Citizen fully works yet but that hasn't stopped me from suggesting a thing or two. We should be able to affect Person Character (PC) to ourselves reputation.

It is obvious in games that some people are simply obnoxious. And some people are wonderful examples of human beings. We should be able to manually apply an additive / subtractive indicator to the reputation of a particular individual relative to us.

This can be done through our Contact List. Anyone in our Contact List gets a reputation boost. A non-Contact List needs also to be created. Anyone in it gets a reputation drop.

By using Contact Lists we can marginally manage the reputation quantifiers without needing a complex game mechanic.

NPC Combatants

I was watching https://www.twitch.tv/thebaseradio featuring Sean Noonan and this idea popped into my head: that NPCs be snuck into episodes of Star Marine and Arena Commander. Great for testing AI and also for helping to fluff up some short-staffed rounds.

Sean Noonan

I don't think PC participants should be told of these sneaky infiltrators. Maybe some will make it to the top of the leader boards. Cool.

Map Scale

Yes, the map could use a scale. Just opening up a system and looking at it gives no indication of how big it is. A scale, pretty basic, I think.

Fuel Usage

In the PU when you select an object to Quantum Drive toward, you are advised as to how much of your fuel will be consumed. The Star Map should also show that when plotting inter-system travel so we can better plan out our fuel needs.

Time or Distance Constraint on Quantum Drive

It might be nice to place a time constraint on the Quantum Drive. This allows more precise course charting. If the Quantum Drive speed becomes variable (it's currently tacked at 0.2c) then specifying a desired distance may be preferable.

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