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Monday, April 17, 2017

Star Citizen Production Schedule

The long awaited Star Citizen Production Schedule has come out. Everybody who has seen it has an opinion of one sort or another, it seems. I'm no exception. I'm happy for it.

End of Year Persistent Universe Timeline
It's a BIG picture!

I'm happy for Chris Roberts. I'm happy for CIG. I'm especially happy for all the people working on getting this game out to the backers. I'm happy for a great number of supporters and subscribers. But I must say that I'm not happy for the quick complainers. This is the internet and, sadly, they are ever present. So many people so quick to rationalize their hate.

I'm not a person who enjoys having his life force drained by the effort needed to tolerate our modern society's rejects. I'll be playing Star Citizen solo for the most part and, you know what, I think most backers will gravitate toward solo play. Why? Because the game allows us to exercise our preference. Hence the surprising preponderance of non-combat over combat poll results.

I'm gladdened by the Production Schedule. It shows that real progress is being made on a game of absolutely stunning technical difficulty, breadth and depth. I'm sure everyone wishes we could simply snap our fingers and have the game tomorrow. But for me, given a choice, a great game is better than a typical game.

It must be that the forum trolls are all paid agitators sent by a consortium of major gaming companies in an effort to derail the visionary project of Chris Roberts. Wouldn't that be nice to believe, instead?


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