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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Star Citizen Star Chart

Oh, man, the Star Chart in Star Citizen is screwing with my head! It lies to me.

Actually, I guess it is what might be called a relational map. It just kinda shows things in relation to each other. It doesn't portray distance well AT ALL! Fools me every time.

The Star Chart says that Moon Yela is 1.28au from Planet Crusader. That's all fine and dandy. But in my previous post I calculated that my ship can only fly 0.07au. This revelation threw me into a tizzy because I fly to Yela all the time! How can it make it? And with plenty of fuel to spare. Whatz up wit that?

Crusader to Yela 1.28au

On consulting the map, it SAYS that the Covalex shipping hub is 0.01au from Yela but SHOWS it further away. Whatz up wit that?

Covalex to Yela 0.01au

Argh! The map drives me crazy. At least now I know how my ship can fly to all these places without running out of fuel.

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