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Friday, April 14, 2017

Star Citizen Wiki Wiki Wiki

I seem to remember Chris Roberts saying that the Star Citizen internal-Wiki will be available on our MobiGlas. Our MobiGlas is a wrist mounted device that projects all manner of information, both visual and auditory, to a holo-screen in front of us. Not the most private of tools but that's the intent. Eavesdropping will be a Star Citizen thing.

Mobiglas image from starcitizen.wikia.com
"The interface systems and the compatible entities found in the universe (practically anything) are interconnected, allowing us to link objects and characters to any relevant database and giving you fast access to the information you need."
A quick Google search for community-made wikis reveals not one but three English-language Wikis! So which one to use right now before we get access to CIG's developing wiki?

I guess the simple answer is simply to use Google for any questions and whatever pops up, pops up. But I took a quick look at the three, anyway.


Wikia brags 1,222 articles. It didn't have the Hoplite ship and links to Systems appeared to be indirect. Of course, it had an annoying big pop-up ad.


Gamepedia brags 1,334 pages (448 articles). It also didn't have the Hoplite. Navigation to Systems was easy. It had orbit days which was interesting (Crusader 1554 Earth days). How do they know?


Tools brags 1658 articles. It has the Hoplite! Navigation to Systems was good. This wiki seems to be getting lots of recent activity, too.

I'd be very, very suspicious of any "tools" this site may provide to you. My advice would be to wait for CIG to provide appropriate tools through our Mobiglas.


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