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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Vociferous Crowdfunders

Well, it seems that the knee-jerk complainers have been quieted by many of their social peers approving of a grand information dump -- the Production Schedule. I'm a little surprised but this Star Citizen strategy seems to be working.

My worry is that, like porn, ever increasing content will be demanded. From the Spectrum Forum:
"A SQ42 status schedule would not be too far fetched to demand."
"Dear CIG, request/demand information on Retaliator update plans or community asked for reply!!!"

Demand? Demand? You mean demand like a kid screaming in the Walmart toy isle?

We've paid our pre-order money. Now sit and wait quietly if you can't be helpful testing modules. And I say pre-order money because, unlike most crowd-funded projects, this project is well on its way to successful completion. Very, very few would dispute that now. Next year. The year after. Essentially done. Pre-order people should be very, very happy. Gambled, and won.

Tolerating screaming Walmart children. Is this the price of having the most successful crowd-funded, backer-funded project of all time ($146 million so far)?

Probably feels good to be Chris Roberts, right about now. Success. Fame. Fortune. All virtually guaranteed. Fame, especially. A nice little bonus among several generations of gamers.

Chris Roberts 2012

I'm thinking that Chris Roberts' next project, in order to beat this one, will have to offer equity to funders. That will set the demanders to goin'! Let's hope it is a full World War II Grand Strategy game which runs the gamut from grand strategy down through to almost tactical. hint hint


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