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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Where are the Ladies and Gentlemen of Yore?

I've been following Star Citizen related media lately. Some Streamers are quick to post and are excellent. Many are very good, behavior wise, if not all that entertaining. I've mentioned Whispers Thru the Jump Point as a fine example of a gentlemanly, generalized YouTube'r. Of course there are lots that aren't. Fortunately I can choose not to watch them.

I Want It Now!

The Star Citizen Spectrum Forum also has mixed breeds of posters. Lately, however many low-brow types have raised their heads a little higher. A quote from the forums:
"The quantity of the despicable, degrading, low, base, contemptible, shameful, sordid and frankly detestible posts that are currently being made in this forum are frankly unacceptable!"
Yes, it's hard to read them. The openess of CIG's communication with backers is unparalleled and with that is an implied open invitation for people to be communicative in return. Unfortunately, many parents have not raised their internet-dwelling children to be well mannered.

The release of the SC a3.0+ Production Schedule was a very happy moment for most of us, I would think. Yet there remained people not content with this large information dump and valuable reality check. Acting out, is all I can call it.

Maybe we could have, instead of a PvP slider, a jerk slider instead. Well, we know that can't happen. But we could have an anti-Contact List instead.

An Anti-Contact List would downgrade a players reputation relative to your own. In that way you'll have the choice not to deal with them in game! And we should be able to start building that Anti-Contact List right now in Spectrum.

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