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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Aegis Eclipse

The Aegis Eclipse. What a beautiful ship! I don't know about everybody else but the idea of owning a graceful stealth bomber is absolutely appealing to me.

I come from an Eve'l background (sorry, my bad). The stealth bomber was one of my favorite ships. It could be flown around with confidence. And it could, on occasion, just suddenly appear and mess up someone's day. I never fired a single shot at a PC with my bomber. It just isn't in me to grief someone. I did it once, for no reason, in another ship type (they escaped, fortunately) and I felt bad. But the beauty of flying the bomber, the luxurious feeling of it, sticks with me. And I just know it is going to be orders of magnitude better in SC.

I'm as close to buying as one can possibly get ... but perhaps I'll pass. As a solo player there is no role at all for the bomber. In Eve one could shoot-up NPCs to one's heart's content but not so in Star Citizen. In Star Citizen NPCs are people, too. Shooting anything in SC has an impact. So how does one play a strident neutral if one goes around blowing random soft targets up willy-nilly? Can't.

And it is expensive. The price of art, I suppose. I could work toward acquiring one in game. That aint going to happen. I'm not playing for credits or fame. I'll be making just enough to pay the bills all the while experiencing the wide Verse. This great game is no grinder for me!

I'm an explorer. I plan on exploring every nook and cranny of my sector. That includes trundling along on all possible areas of each planet's surface. I'm going to meet good people all over the place. No place for a stealth bomber here. Stealth bomber pilots don't meet anyone. And it is short-ranged. An expensive toy.

Have I talked myself out of it, yet?

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