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Thursday, May 11, 2017

Aliens are Coming, Aliens are Coming!

Why should we have a perfect counter-balance for each alien weapon? Why they, ours?

I would not object to the discovery of a hostile alien race which has a weapon that can shred our ships. Nor would I object to a weapon that is next to useless against ourselves but effective against a particular alien shield.

Banu tachyon cannon
In Star Citizen lore there is the implication that it could have taken several UEE fighters to take down one Vanduul Scythe before the introduction of the Aegis Gladius. The only point in our favor was that of superior numbers. Is such an assumption unrealistic? I don't mind unbalanced forces being in the game.

More to the question is why would one think we should be able to perfectly adapt an alien technology? Geez, even poor little North Korea is having a bit of trouble developing ICBMs and nuclear warheads despite the tech being relatively well known.

Imbalance is not a problem but a challenge. It is the aliens that present the problem.

It may be reasonable to have perfect rock, paper, scissors, lizard, Spock within the UEE-developed technology. One would think the UEE knows the tactics of both deploying and defeating its own military hardware. But not so against alien races. A little desperation and panic on our part makes for good science fiction.


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