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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Death Mechanic Not Enough

Everybody dies in Star Citizen. The good. The bad. The fair to midland. So death needs to be equitable to everyone. That is why it will not be very effectual in regulating behavior. Behavior regulation will fall heavily on the reputation mechanic.

Your reputation is relative to each other player. It is not one overall qualifier. You might have a great reputation with one player and a dreadful reputation with another. Presumably your reputation also has an effect on your organization, if you are in one. This means the organization itself may kick you out if you are not good or bad enough. The more powerful organizations (incl UEE military and Advocacy) may end up driving you out of their spheres of influence.

"As long as the reputation system can be seen to funnel the ass-hats down into their own little areas, I'm happy. People can play amongst their own kind. That's pretty much a given. The game actually needs ass-hats to keep players on their toes. 
But what about alternate characters or accounts? And how does one work their way back?
ATM I'm of the opinion that all the alts should be the same (bad) rating. An ass-hat is an ass-hat. Same with other accounts (based on credit card or phone number or device). Linking accounts helps to prevent throw-away ids. 
Working their way back from bad to good should be at least 10x more difficult than going the other way. The difficulty disparity due to the very watered-down death mechanic (death affects the good as well as the bad). 
Large organizations will orchestrate protest but, tough. Should probably limit organization size anyway."
So how do the accidentally bad clear their name? And how does the game distinguish between accidental and ass-hat?

We've all had to clear a reputation hit at Kareah. It can be a little daunting if the security station is bustling with activity. But for the ass-hats it should be far more than daunting.

Yes, bad guys should have an ever more difficult time building their reputations back up (assuming, of course, that is an objective). Far more difficult than for good to regular (N)PCs.

Ernesto "Che" Guevara
What is needed is a second-order equation, an exponential curve, tasks of increasingly increased complexity ... to battle one's way back to gooder graces. Those who predate upon others should really have to pay a penance and be accountable for their actions.

Nothing makes a profession more real than to be accountable for the decisions made in its activity.

Gifting or transfer of ships and assets should not be allowed between players of differing reputations. Buying one's way out of the bad books should not be an option. Nor should the passage of time mitigate a diminished statistic, nor should it reduce a high statistic. Yes, I can see a player deliberately driving down reputation for notoriety and infamy. And, yes, in the extreme I can see the person being unable to transfer their ships and other assets upon purchase of a clean account. Make the bed, sleep in it -- kinda thing.

Git reel.

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