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Monday, May 29, 2017

Distance Update

I've just discovered that the Aegis Retaliator has a fuel tank size of 20,000,000 units. The most I've seen in Star Citizen so far. Oh, and the Misc Starfarer has the same range.

From my posting, What is Space Without Distance?:
In a previous post I cleverly deduced that one unit of fuel would drive a ship one kilometer. That sounds OK. Each fighter currently has 10,000,000 units of fuel. It can travel 10,000,000 kilometers -- about 0.07au.
Inter-planetary distances in Stanton are typically 3au, often more. There seems to be a bit of a dilemma here. How do fighters get from planet to planet?
Now we know why they make long-range fighters. The Vanguard series is a long-range fighter. The Aegis Vanguard Hoplite has an improved fuel tank holding 18,000,000 units. A total range of 0.12au. Still not enough to get around the Stanton system. Ha!
The Aegis Retaliator can fly 0.13 au. Not very far in terms of solar system scale.

When Star Citizen a3.0 drops, the Stanton system will have moon landing added to its game play. Three moons and a fracking big asteroid! To accomodate this I'm assuming larger fuel tanks or greater fuel effciency. I'm also assuming distances will become further as the Stanton system expands to accomodate the moons. We'll see.

It is possible that distances and fuel logic will remain the same. Stanton can accomodate the three moons as is. Perhaps expanding the Stanton system to its intended size is not part of the a3.0 drop. I haven't heard much about fuel tanks or fuel consumption so maybe they'll remain unchanged for the moment.

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