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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Earth is One Big City

Earth is one big city in the game Star Citizen, unfortunately. Unfortunately, because I'm sad for mother Earth. Such a beautiful blue marble of a planet ruined by hundreds of years of so-called progress. But it's great because it is essentially one big huge battle landscape ... the ultimate Stalingrad!

Sol, Moscow

So, yes, the plan right now is to restrict us to three peaceful, monitored landing zones. They are Moscow, New York, and Shanghai. Not too much battling to be done in these areas. The good news is that buildings, blocks, neighborhoods, cities will eventually be procedurally generated and expanded to cover the globe. Add to that the fact that the governing UEE is in decline and the alien Vanduuls are menacing the gates. Earth's future may not be that rosey.

I'm not holding my breath for it. I'm am, however, looking forward to it. I'm imagining an Earth filled with NPCs of various descript and character. Of individuals or organizations trying to carve out a block or two for setting up production nodes. Of motorcade groups wandering the citified planet looking for their sworn enemies' infrastructure with looting in mind. Interesting play, indeed.

Because the Verse is, indeed, a galaxy of sorts, one need never leave Earth. Could be plenty of adventure there. Star Citizen's dynamic, non-repeating mission system ensures just as much planet-side action as space-based action. And Earth is only one of many procedurally generated planets, moons, belts. Lots of BIG terrains in the Verse: rock, city, forest, desert, islands, volcanic, etc. Space for everybody!

Everywhere in Star Citizen is potentially a game in itself. State-of-the-art NPCs indistinguishable from PCs are everywhere. All that matters is your relationship with them.

Star Citizen is not just a space shooter. Not that I want to go No Man's Sky'zy (is it too late?), but Star Citizen could be the beat-all and end-all of MMOGs -- until Cris Roberts supplants it with the ever popular WWII themed game.  ;)

BBSSE! Coming to a monitor near you. Soon™.


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