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Monday, May 1, 2017

Finding an Organization - Search

Oh, man. Trying to find an interesting organization is agonizingly painful. There are thousands of organizations but differentiating them is very difficult. Also, most organizations right now are single person so a good search can help to make in-game friends!

There is a search function but the parameters are next to useless. Almost all organizations are, or will be, set up the same. So differentiation is well nigh impossible.

Organizations have a mix of players: casual, regular and hardcore. Few orgs are exclusively hardcore. Roleplay: sure, try it. Size: well, things will change. Archetype: who knows what significance that has on anything. Primary language: OK, that's helpful. Recruiting: I suppose some aren't.

All in all, not too helpful.

How about X boxes for something like this:

Structure: Egalitarian / Democratic Leadership / Military Hierarchy

Play: PvE / PvP / PvA

Language: PG13 / Mature / X-rated

Time Zone: + or - n hrs around a tz

Hours: MWF evenings / weekends / Sunday afternoon

Attitude: roleplay / fair / aggressive / gamey

Reputation tendency: UEE+ / UEE- / Vanduul 0 / Vanduul - / Banu + / Banu - / typical players 0

That kinda thing. Might work much better.

Large organizations simply say join us for great game play. Ya, right. Their leadership is usually megalomaniacal (yes, it's a word) and nasty, and it gets fostered down into the group. We should be able to start with people of similar mind to our own.


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