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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Star Citizen 50th Post

Well, I'll be darned, my 50th posting. Who would have thought I'd have that much to say?

Art Hornbie
Most everybody now knows that the next great update (SC a3.0) is coming mid-July'ish. That leaves a huge gap in time for backers to idle away. Already the forums are acting up as if some worldwide chemtrail experiment is taking place. Dissociative Mania has taken root: depersonalization, rationalizations, contemptuousness ... gives one pause for the human race.

I suppose it is all by design. It takes pressure off of our politicians to make a better world.

Just like most everybody else, I get my information and knowledge of the game through the Star Citizen YouTube site and through the Spectrum forum. From SC YouTube the Around the Verse episodes especially, which come out each Thursday (Friday morning for me as it is late). And from Spectrum the highly informative and least contaminated Economics and Employment thread.

Still, I have to place another plug for the Anti-Contact List idea. Currently, there is no method for sane, rational people to get together or self-identify within the Star Citizen environment. The Anti-Contact List allows us to weed out those proven by their own actions to be less desirable. We just read the Spectrum forum, click on a post's little Anti-Contact frowny face icon, and in-game, when the game starts, that person's reputation relative to us is downgraded.

The Anti-Contact List alerts us to avoid ass-hats. We know not to give them missions, buy their goods, fly or run with them ... . We'll know the good people from the less than savory; in game. Of course, all this assumes that the reputation system is viable and working. The reputation system is the lynch-pin element that will separate the construct of Star Citizen from all other games; mechanic speaking.

So, my 50th posting. Looks like I used it as a call for a reasonable game in the face of unreasonable players, yet excluding no one.

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