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Monday, May 15, 2017

Star Citizen BDSSE

What am I going to do in Star Citizen?

When you think about it the answer is not so easy. The game is so BIG! Big in space, big in land mass, big in technology, big in flying, big in planet-side play ... it is many games in one. I could spend years simply trying to extend influence on a planet: exploring, mining, gathering, surviving. Don't even need a ship. Although I have four.

Initially, I plan on exploring. Not just any exploring but to search for Oretani, the lost system. Just search. And along the way, hopefully, make a few credits and pay the bills.

Starfarer and nice view.

I'll not be playing for credits. Not for ships, either. Not for glory. Not for organizations of the uncouth. Certainly not for shits and giggles. I'm going to hang out in my ship. Hang out for hours on end. Slow and easy. Let the Universe unfold as it should.

No more run'n gun. No more frenetic gaming. No more grinding for nothing. Star Citizen will be my escape into imaginary science fiction. I'll explore all the variety the game can throw at me, and then seek out more. Just me and my NPC crew. Explorers of the unknown.

Then, one day, Oretani will be discovered. I'm thinking that will take quite a while. So when it's discovered I'll switch over to a support role, medical maybe, in the vicinity of Oretani. As I will have spent so much time looking for it I may as well put down roots there. Planet-side. It will become my permanent base of operations.

When I'm not off being selflessly supportive somewhere I'll be gathering plant samples, or prospecting, or simply exploring planet-side all the interesting nooks and crannies of the planet. Make a few credits here, a few there. Just puttering about.

Star Citizen is essentially a big Velcro computer game. It will have near infinite expansions and an interesting, convoluted evolution of play. It is designed to be played for decades. A journey without end.

And along the way I'll make friends. Build community. Get to know good people.

Really looking forward to Star Citizen.

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