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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Star Kitty

Well, it's kinda funny watching people with cartoon avatars argue against other people having a cartoon Kitty logo in-game. The game, they presumably feel, should be adult-themed, skull & cross bones styled, drug paraphernalia encouraging, and slavery oriented. That's the future, and a Kitty logo breaks the immersion.

Adult-themed, skull & cross bones styled, drug paraphernalia encouraging, and slavery oriented cartoon logos isn't the limit of my immersion, buckos.

My immersion is of a wider expansive Verse where the greater battle is striving toward a Utopian society free of disease, poverty, and war. I always play on the side of good and hope that the bads gradually get whittled away into some meaningless and self-deserving corner. There is room, even for them, in Star Citizen's Verse.

Women can play in my game without having to adopt the machismo of society's worst classes. They might have a different vision of a sci-fi future, too, 50% of the population'n all that. Maybe one that includes pink!

Even children could be represented as being in lower-order NPC families within the game's vast cities to add to the realism. Child avoidance could even be a tactical challenge for successful mission completion. Also as another way for the game to identify, punish, and isolate the yuks & giggles crowd.

Intelligent sci-fi people can establish economies and trade, gain affluence, discover new and wondrous things, make friends, and all the while having a ball doing it.

There is room in Star Citizen for the unimaginative, solely pew-pew minded. Off in a corner somewhere hopefully learning that crime, greed, avarice, and gluttony is a hard row to hoe. There, they can live in a world where everybody wears tweaked-up armor, carries heavy weaponry, and wakes up in the morning looking to kill somebody. For them, science fiction at its deepest.

So, yes, bring on the colorful, happy, culturally festive logos. Space is pretty dreary without some gaiety and positive self-expression. Maybe people will actually have a chance to be happy and free of persecution in the future.

There is also an argument made for organization logos on ships. Oddly, not too many people arguing that they will be immersion breaking. Even though we all know how disconcerting such advertising can be in real life, it is representative of how people's thoughts have become accepting of an organization's identity. Doesn't Starbucks have a stylized mermaid for a logo? Not very different from a stylized cat, is it? Just another method of self-expression in a constrained environment. Is the Starbucks logo a real life immersion breaker?

I'll be exploring. Joining a networks of fun players. Marveling at the technology and variety. Enjoying the fictional Verse. And wishing, as always, for a better world.

Aren't all Star Citizen avatars also cartoon characters? To me, the ground-breaking, futuristic game of Star Citizen has a greater glory than yet another space pew-pew and its passé trope trappings.


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