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Thursday, June 15, 2017

Bad Behaviors

I live in the country. A storm zapped my internet. Looks like I’ll be five or so days DISCONNECTED!

Probably for the best. The World works in mysterious ways, you know. I guess this was nature’s way of telling me to back off from Star Citizen for a bit. I could feel it coming. I had the option to step back but didn’t so nature took care of it for me.

It was that post about blatant racial discrimination on the forum. I read it and immediately pressed, “Reply.” But I couldn’t. It is a difficult topic. Hard to reply without being hypocritical, at least indirectly. How blatant does one have to be? And how much of the common vernacular is to be allowed to slip by?

In the end, I blanked my comment and eliminated it so as not to make the mistake of publishing it. Then I discovered that the original post was gone. Not to be found anywhere. I was saved by mysterious force yet again, I guess.

Is a video game the place where one should speak up? There are so many ass-hats on the internet and in game. How do we fight them? Or should we?

If you are a reader of this blog then you know that I suggest ways in which to avoid ass-hats. I don’t really know why game publishers don’t allow us methods to avoid ass-hats in game.

Some games, Eve for example, encourage ass-hat behaviors and cheer those players who prey on newer players who think there is a game awaiting them. Wrong. It is all about predation for the vets. And, of course, Eve players have flooded to Star Citizen with the hopes of being ass-hats in a far cooler, more technically advanced game.

In Star Citizen there is hope that a kinder more gentler style of gameplay will be presented. There will be a bigger, more logical Universe. Rewards will be based on difficulty, not risk. Ass-hats will be hard pressed to make a living as an impartial Star Citizen Verse will quickly turn against concerted ass’ism.

The vast majority of Star Citizens want to venture out into the Verse and explore, or discover, or be amazed at all there is to offer. Yes, there will be conflict but hopefully it is purposeful and with objectives.

So why don’t games have mechanisms to identify and isolate ass-hats? Why can I have a game-supported friend list but not an avoid-like-the-plague list? The Star Citizen Spectrum forum reveals oodles of people I would never associate with in real life. Why must I not be able to identify them in game? Some of the largest organizations have shit-heads for leaders. Can I not tag that Org as being Do-Not-Work-With?

Some people are shitty toward CIG, as though they were Gods commanding subservience. Some people seem to want to show off how offensive their language can be. Some are simply gross to the point of ridiculousness. I can pass on such behaviors in real life. I’d like to pass on them in game. Thank you.

Yes, I know, some super religious types may tag everybody as beneath their dignity. LET THEM! If they want to avoid me in game because I can’t praise Jesus fast enough or often enough then let them tag me as undesirable. That’s what they may do in real life; let it be so in game. Makes the game easier for everybody.

So back to the basement-dwelling, unemployed mother’s boy, loser racist ass-hat who feels he can bad mouth people, races, and everyone else who isn’t as low on the human scale of evolution as he,... I don’t know what CIG has done but he’s on my shit list. If we meet in game, I want to know that I don’t have to deal with him.


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