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Sunday, June 4, 2017

Friend System

Be still my beating heart! Can it be true that Star Citizen's Spectrum (forum) System will allow us to establish friends and not-so-friends? Long have I wanted this. Just search this blog for "Anti-Contact List".

It is nice that someone else has the same idea. This comment showed up on the Spectrum Feedback section of forum:

"I really perked up when I heard "Friend System" connected with Spectrum during the ATV. A great forum-based way to potentially connect, in game, with people of similar persuasions. However, it should work the other way, too. The people one finds to be totally incompatible could be reduced in relationship relative to oneself. In this way one has the option to not to deal with them in game or at least know that they are not people with whom we would normally associate."

Frankly put, identified ass-hats in the forum can be identified with a post's down-rep button, and this will carry forward into the game as a reduced reputation relative to oneself."

There are some real ass-hats out there with whom I have no desire to associate. In real life I can avoid these types of people. In game, I should be able to do so as well. They are easily identified through their despicable forum posts.

If such a mechanism existed then perhaps there would be more decorum in the forum itself.

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