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Friday, June 9, 2017

Good-Guy Players

Someone posted in the Star Citizen Spectrum forum that they feel guilty when they kill another player, even if they are NPC players. I gave the post a like.

I, too, have this guilt twinge. Killing unnecessarily, or killing because the game left no other option, is an action which makes me feel badly. A realistic game should offer up real-life options: disabling, stunning, capturing, etc.. Of course, not all games claim to realistic or of having lifelike immersion -- in which case, it doesn't matter.

In a realistic game I like to project my persona into the game. I strive to be the better person in game than I can be in real life. Why would I want to fail in both realms?

To Catch a Thief

Even if I were to play a super criminal, my actions would be of the highest calibre possible. I would have distinctly noble behaviors. Funnily, as a youth I was fascinated by international jewel thief movies or clever casino robbery movies. Death and mayhem is not my fantasy. I always considered myself to be too intelligent to be so base.

I don't have to be a criminal. I can be a Mercenary or a Wanderer or Miner or Trader. No matter what, I would strive to play nobly. (Yes, that does come off reading as noobly, doesn't it?)

So when someone asks in forum if it is OK for a Bounty Hunter to destroy a plane full of people because one has a kill-bounty on his head,  I have to wonder about the persons base intellect. I guess there are some people (and some countries) who can easily rationalize such things.

In these times, power no longer seeks to protect the weak but seems rather to exert unbridled dominance. Animalistic behavior, I would say. Gone are the good'ol days when people measured their worth by striving to be Ladies and Gentlemen, instead.

To that poster on forum who felt guilty, ...  o7.

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