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Thursday, June 1, 2017

Waiting for Star Citizen a3.0

This is a difficult time. The waiting. The waiting for Star Citizen alpha 3.0.

I'm not doing much in the Persistent Universe (PU). I've done everything many, many times before. It's nice to see familiar names every once in a while. And it is surprising sometimes to see what people are doing to entertain themselves. Ship surfing ... it's a thing. Who knew?

I avoid Star Marine like the plague. Run'n gun is such a horrible style of play. Can't say anything positive about it. Confined maps. Bunny hopping. Cheats. Purposeless (hey, that's a word!).

Arena Commander is pretty good. I only play Vanduul Swarm or Pirate Swarm. Not interested in the other options of players shooting players for no reason ... reminds me too much of run'n gun. I like being good in the swarms, at least enough to finish all the waves. That lets me know that I can handle my ship.

If Star Marine had a Vanduul Swarm equivalent then I would definitely get into playing it. I don't understand why we can test against NPC ships in the swarms but not against NPC soldiers in Star Marine. Don't they both require testing? I guess their NPC soldiers aren't up to snuff, yet.

The only other thing to do is to hang out in the forums. But with development concentrating on the gritty details of things there is not much to talk about. Most grandiose concepts have been fully elaborated ... at least as it pertains to SC a3.0. Well, maybe not FULLY elaborated but pretty much all we're going to discover until the next Around the Verse Youtube episode.

The last Around the Verse episode said NPC soldiers were learning to shoot. So what can we talk about other than when will they be available to shoot at us? We all know already that NPCs have to shoot so we can really suggest things like, NPCs should shoot at us ... perhaps in Star Marine?

So, I'm waiting. After the release of SC a3.0 everybody will be clamouring for the next steps up. That will be discussion worthy. I'm particularly interested in economic things, resources, production. Reason d'etra stuff. But it isn't in the game, yet.

Waiting. It is very hard to stay with the realization that they are writing the game as we speak. And rewriting. And refining. That's ALPHA for you. Waiting. And containing one's impatience AND excitement.

All I can do try to stay out of trouble on the forum. Star Citizen will be great. I'm sure the backers don't need my expert opinion on everything. Just wait patiently for each incremental step in game development. There are many, many, many more to come. Waiting.

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