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Sunday, August 27, 2017

Gamescom: Star Citizen

Gamescom Star Citizen is done. I must say that it was truly impressive. No other game will have the depth and breadth of Star Citizen.

Of course the game itself is having to conquer technical challenges never before attempted. This takes time, effort, energy, and money. After Gamescom I was sorely tempted to purchase yet another ship in support of development although I think they are quite well funded already. Throwing money is how we express our enthusiasm, I guess.

I do have a criticism. I was underwhelmed at their character animations. They were very marionette-like. After watching so many developer videos I was expecting smooth flowing animations. Instead there were sharp whole-body pivots. All made worse by first person views that jerk, adding to the stuttery feeling. I was expecting something more impressive.

They have invested so much effort in developing facial animation that the more important body movement aspect has taken a backseat, it seems. I would be happier with good body motion and quieter faces than the other way around.

Anyway, still a great, vast, and expansive game. Still going to be the BDSSE. The characters can improve over time. The play itself is light years ahead of everything out there.

I doubt I'll be able to survive CitizenCon in October without coughing up more money. Sigh.

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